Everything you need to know

WLTP: Everything you need to know

Our latest WLTP whitepaper offers a summary of the ways WLTP has already affected the automotive industry, and how it is set to impact new registrations, manufacturing, fleets and consumers. It also outlines the upcoming data changes you can expect to see in your current Autovista Group products and services.

"From vehicle manufacturers through to government, finance, fleet, retail, consumers and service providers, there is no doubt that WLTP impacts almost every part of the automotive landscape, and is poised to change the rules of 'the CO2 game’. This new Autovista Group whitepaper explores the challenges and outlines how we are responding to the new system."  Samuel Keates, Director of Specifications at Autovista Group

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Autovista Group’s WLTP Web Service is designed to support a smooth transition to WLTP for the automotive industry, and we are therefore offering free access to the service for a limited time.

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